Lavender In Love


Aromatic Aromatherapy Lavender In Love Wreath is part of our Aromatherapy and The Forever Product Line.

enjoy a sense of overall well being!

“Lavender In Love”

Aromatherapy Wreath

Adding Fragrant Fresh Wreaths to your home or office can be uplifting and therapeutic. The fresh and invigorating smell of Eucalyptus and Lavender is not only soothing but healing.
This 20″ inch wreath is packed with fragrance that adds a feeling of joy when hung in your powder room, or the entrance of your home to enjoy the fresh scent the moment you enter.
Mixed eucalyptus and Lavender wreath is hand created to order, with a mix of Seeded Eucalyptus, Baby Blue Eucalyptus, and Dried Lavender, Painted Lavender and with a soft touch of dried Pink Astilbe Erika


When it comes to Lavender and Eucalyptus, they’re usually never in the same sentence together.

But we’re going to help you understand a little more about how you can get the best out of them in your daily life.

We love to use both lavender and eucalyptus in a lot of the products we create at Shaw lake Farms..

Lavender  has been proven to change your brain waves from the waking state (Beta) to the relaxed/sleep state (theta). Pretty cool right!

Aromatically, the compounds of Eucalyptus can promote feelings of a clear mind and relaxation. Eucalyptus also contains strong purifying properties that are advantageous in purifying the air you breath.



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